Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | April 28, 2011


On Wednesday I decided it was finally time to take away my favorite boys pacifier.  I have been wanting to do it for a while and apparently this day I figured I had enough will power and wouldn’t let that adorable and sad face sway me.  Overall he has done ok, though I am certain I am still not his favorite Mama.  Broke my heart all day to see him so sad.  He didn’t scream and fight, he just whined and looked at me as to say “really?, they are all gone?”.  He would shake his head no and say “pug” over and over.  It was pitiful.  He didn’t nap all day and had been up every two hours the night before, which is why I knew it was time to be done with it.  He was mostly a wreck by bedtime.


The exhausted little boy finally fell asleep and was only up a couple of times through the night.  In time I figure he’ll forget all about those dumb ‘ol pacifiers.

Hopefully he won’t be mad at me forever.



  1. It must be all the harder since he’s not angry, just sad. He looks like a wreck. I don’t remember taking a pacifier away because none of you really liked them that much…well, and because you and Matthew had a thumb and finger that went with you everywhere! I never tried to take them away, though I told Matthew his teeth might get crooked and he slept with his hand underneath his pillow a few nights so he wouldn’t suck it. I’m sure I nagged a little, though.

    He won’t remember it. He’s too young to remember. Anything/everything after 3 perhaps!!

  2. those big eyes look so sad. I just want to gather him up and hug him and make it all better. it is so much easier once the bottles and pacifers are gone. just give him extra Easter candy, he will forgive you. little boys love there Mama

  3. he looks so much older with out it! ah!! growing so fast!!

  4. Show him the trapped woodchuck. That will liven him up. The chuck isn’t stinking yet.

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