Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | May 3, 2011

A little catch up.

It’s been days since I have been here again.  Amazing how the time can get away from me.  A couple of weeks ago I re-sized a bunch of photos fully intending to post them every couple of days.  Since that didn’t happen here they are now. 

These are my pretty flowers a friend dropped off on my birthday. 

I heart flowers.


Miss Evelyn is now facing forward in the van.  It was her Easter gift.  She was pretty excited about it.  She repeated “Mom-Dad” most of the trip.

Who needs a chocolate bunny when you get to see out the front window.



Just because that adorable face of his makes me smile.


It was spring a couple of weeks ago.  Then it snowed.

But now it’s seems to be spring again so it’s all good.


Mathias’s new thing is this …

Apparently sitting in things are not to be sat in sounds like a good idea.


The resident farmers planted the tomato seeds awhile back.

At one point after that little farm girl put some seeds in the wrong spot Farmer Neal said “if you can’t follow directions, you aren’t going to be able to help”.  I reminded him that she is two.  He laughed and said “oh yeah that’s right”.   Silly Daddy Farmer Neal.  Now those seeds have grown into plants standing a few inches high. 


The drawer under Evelyn’s crib fell out awhile back.  We called it a “boat” and played with it for days. 

Now that we have it back on the tracks they try to pull it out and say “boat!” over and over.  Poor kids just don’t know why it was fun to play with the “boat” before.  I figure they will get over the disappointment.


Hope that your days are going well!



  1. beautiful post!

  2. Happy Mothers day, enjoy the babies, I can see that you are a very good Mommy.

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