Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | May 11, 2011

A lesson in Candy Cane preservation.

Let’s imagine for a moment that you were having a wedding in the wintertime, just a few days following Christmas.  You decide to use candy canes as part of your table decoration because they are inexpensive, yet bright & fun, and embody loads of holiday cheer.  The wedding goes off without a hitch, the “I do’s” are said with great reverence and sincerity and over all the day is fantastic.  After all the busyness is done and you are sorting through “wedding stuff” you discover that even though those cheerful candy canes did their job, people don’t really eat them.  Of course you wouldn’t want to throw them away because even though they were inexpensive they weren’t free, and down in the basement they go.  If you are smart, you will put them all together in one plastic container and you won’t keep half in a cardboard box.  You will likely see them from time to time as you gather jars for canning or grab some potatoes and onions for lunch but you will mostly ignore them.  But then one day, likely 4.5 years since those sincere “I do’s” were said your groom will be cleaning out the basement and those once bright and cheerful candy canes will make it upstairs to the light of day. 

It is then and only then that you will reconsider the inexpensive yet full of holiday cheer candy canes that you just had to have to make your wedding perfect.



  1. Hmmmm…maybe you could make peppermint syrup out of them. ha

  2. So…did you eat any of them? : )

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