Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | May 17, 2011


We’ve been busy lately.  Well, actually we are mostly busy but lately I have had the camera in tow as proof.  Here are a few glimpses of our week thus far.


We spent sometime with Mr. & Mrs. Veteran Haymaker  aka Loren’s parents on Sunday. 


The weather cooperated and Monday morning the garden was plowed.  

By Tuesday 3 rows of peas and 2 rows of potatoes were planted with more potatoes and the onions going in on Wednesday.

Before the actual planting of the peas however, we had to shell the ones we saved for seed from last year.  Evelyn was a great help and shelled at least 1/4.  Mathias on the other hand? … cute, but not so helpful.


When the little people aren’t outside they are itching to get there.  This is the new favorite spot to be … just waiting for that Daddy to come in and take them back out with him, or for the Mama to take pity on them. 


And when those little people make it outside, they couldn’t be happier.


Oh spring … we are so glad you are here!




  1. I enjoy reading your blog! Your daughter reminds me so much of my daughter! Love all those hair clips!! Just wait until she starts coming up with own clothing combinations!
    My Children’s favorite spot it the same as your children’s…either the door or outside!! Loving this weather!!

  2. The photo of them looking out the door is precious. Mathias’ hair has grown a lot since Easter! I think you could label that one ‘anticipation.’

    Nice to see Evelyn shucking the peas and helping to plant them:) She’s a great helper.

  3. One must say dat dem der foursome are some real cool dudes. Who wouldn’t want to be outside on the “Ponderosa?”

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