Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | May 20, 2011

The wagon.

You may or not remember that Miss Evelyn received a cool new wagon for her birthday this year (back in mid Jan).  A wagon that was in a box in pieces.  I knew it would be in that said box for sometime because well, Minnesota kids just really don’t need a wagon that time of year, and her parents have some procrastinator tendancies. 

A few weeks ago after looking at the box time and time again I put it together.  It took maybe a half an hour.  No big deal really.  I must admit that I was slightly impressed with myself that not only was it together before they would use it since the spring was long and cold, but it seemed to do its job with rolling and turning.  Bonus.  However, my inflated ego lasted only seconds when the birthday girl said “no” and cried and cried with attempts to take a ride.  Oh sure it was fun to push it around into the walls and furniture, but getting “in” it was not going to happen. 

The wagon sat unused, unloved, and was mostly in the way wherever I stuck it for weeks.  Occasionally she would put toys in it or try to manuever it around our limited space.  Then one day Mathias was playing with it and trying to get in and I thought “huh?, wonder if he will scream and cry if I try to put him in?”.  Silly question.  He loved it, loved loved loved it.  He sat super still and just waited to be pulled.  You might imagine that a happy little brother sparks interest in a nosy big sister and she came a runnin’.  Now the tears were to be allowed in the wagon accompanied by a look of “I can’t believe that you haven’t let me get in my birthday wagon!”.

After a few rounds in the house we found shoes and sweatshirts and headed out. 

We found Daddy.

As she ran back to me she fell more than once just like Carrie on Little House. Funny.

So incase you were wondering Grandpa Tom & Grandma Mary … she loves her birthday gift!

Ok, so really … they both love it!



  1. These pictures make me want to come visit the little farm! So beautiful, and the photos are so nice. I love the one of Evelyn spotting her daddy. And Mathias without his shoe holding it up to show him so far away on the tractor. I’m so glad she decided to take a ride. Good thing she has a little brother to inspire her to try new things! Even if she’s just a little jealous. :)

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