Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | June 1, 2011

Even the littlest hands pitch in.

It should come as no surprise when I say that little hands do their fair share of helping around here.  Little people with little hands love to help and we’ll be the last parents to tell them they are too little.  We’ll also be the first parent’s to find away to let them participate … within reason of course, we aren’t crazy.  Fortunately our little people like to do things that are “ok” with us.  Like this whole stacking wood thing.

We’ve all seen Miss Evelyn pitching in with this chore several times.   Of course I don’t recall her ever being quite so friendly with the camera during this important job of hers.  In fact I am still shocked to see her being so cooperative even a week or so later.  But regardless of her smile or lack their of, we know she likes to help out.

And now, that adorable little boy is itching to pitch in. 

In addition to the wood job he is also picking up toys like a pro and puts dirty clothes in the laundry basket.  They truly are helpful … most of the time.  They are still little people after all.  But this wood thing they got down pat.

Thank heavens for those helpful little hands.


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