Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | June 2, 2011

From the sewing room.

I did a little sewing this past week. IN my sewing room even! I am still so impressed with that. Awhile back now I made room for a table and then found a nice old sturdy although ugly table to place my sewing machine on.  I should really try to get some pictures of that room but it’s tiny and it won’t be easy … plus, I will have to clean.  I wouldn’t hold your breath.

On Sunday we had a grad party  that we attended for my cousin and though it would have been simple enough to toss some cash in an envelope I decided it would be fun to make something.  It’s what I do … that whole make gifts thing, and even though I didn’t have any idea what to make I made it my mission to come up with something.   I was looking around on-line and saw that someone had made a laundry bag for a graduation gift.   That was a great idea … so I stole it. 

Even though I stole the idea I did create my own pattern and I did think of the idea to add some fun embroidery all on my own. 

I found a font on the computer that would work, traced it with some transfer pencils onto tracing paper, then ironed the design on the fabric.  Worked super slick.  I even remembered that I would have to trace the letters backwards so they would be the right direction once ironed.  I am not normally that quick so I think that is pretty cool that it came to mind before I had to fix it.

I drew the little clothes on the line free hand.  Cute right?  After a little stitching (on both sides) I was ready to start up the sewing maching.

Turned out pretty well if I do say so myself. 

So there you go, another exciting tale from the sewing room.



  1. Cool idea! I am sure Hannah loved it!

  2. Great idea, and the embroidery is awesome! The whole thing is pretty fabulous.

  3. Very nice! :)

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