Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | June 23, 2011

A solution to “wet”.

As I mentioned a day or two ago “helping” with dishes is our new excitement around here lately.  It is great fun and keeps them happy for a very long time.  Amazing how a little warm water, a few suds and a dish or two can bring such joy to an otherwise ordinary day.

Only drawback that I have found is the “we must change clothes now” part of the activity. 

So I had an idea. 

See, a while back … oh let’s see … like almost 20 years (holy cats!?, did I just type 20 years and it wasn’t a typo? … moving on) I worked at a camp in the kitchen.  In the dishroom we had these huge brown “aprons” that were made out of a terrible vinyl.  Though ugly, they did the trick to keep the water away.  So fast forward those 20 years and watching my little people getting wet doing dishes and a nice lightbulb went off. 

Vinyl aprons!

I have a terrible problem with picking up remnant cuts of fabric wherever I see them.  It’s a problem really.  But here it worked out because my picking up of a random piece of clear vinyl was just what I needed to make a couple little “helping” with the dishes accessory. 

I just cut them out after measuring a squirmy toddler or two and put 4 grommets in each one.  The grommets were a birthday gift from my dear old Dad … he’s good like that … you know one of those times when I say “do you have a grommet thing? and he buys me one  … did I mention he was good like that?  Anyway, I am so glad that they were readily available in my nicely organized craft room.  It was my first project since last weeks major organization and it was bliss to just pop in there, do my project and be done.   Took about 25 minutes.

FYI … best idea I ever had was to put a gate at the craft room door.  Most of the times they look like they do here on the left … the other most of the time they look like Mathias on the right.  Considering I am like inches away and they are not in need of a thing (except for their blanket which they tossed over to get my attention) I am ok with a little crankiness for the sake of finishing a little project.  My big projects happen while they slumber, but a little one like this happens with or without crying at the gate.

So after a small while there were two mini little water aprons ready for mini people.  I had picked up some long shoe laces while getting to some garage sales last week for a quarter a pair and used those as ties … they are a bit long and will be “tweaked” in the future, but eager little hands were waiting to get in that water.

And they played and played. 

I ran to grab potatoes in the basement and came back to a towel behind Mathias’s chair and a pretty wet little guy.  Loren said “we have Lake Mathias under his chair … next time I think they need to wear rubber boots too”.  I think that is a great idea.  I don’t really care about wet socks and shoes that will dry but love the idea of taking pictures of them with boots on. 

And the “verdict” as far as keeping them dry? 

*did you notice our “bang cutting fairy” showed up at our door last night … with pizza & scissors in hand … seriously, you need to find one of those, they are awesome*

With the exception of Lake Mathias and Evelyn getting in the way of a wave from said Lake, they worked great.  Only had to change one set of clothes and since it was his first time “helping” with the dishes I figure that is only fitting. 

Somedays I just really really love my job.



  1. Stephanie…that is so cool! You are such an awesome mom! I am glad you really love your job~it IS so rewarding isn’t it? There is NOTHING like being a mom! Keep up the great work! God bless you as you do it!

  2. What a wonderful idea for your dishwashers! I love the rainbow shoe strings. You could probably leave them long since they could wear them for quite awhile, even when they are actually doing dishes as a chore instead of fun.

    I got a kick out of Loren’s “Lake Mathias’ comment too.

    Funny, but when I saw the photo of Evelyn’s bangs clipped to the side I figured your haircutting fairy would arrive post-haste if she looked at your blog.
    She does a great job on her hair.

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