Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | July 5, 2011

Our 4th.

The 3 day weekend over the 4th of July has come and went.  It was busy, but good.  Here are a few … (ok, like a lot – I could have posted more, but took pity on you and my beloved dial-up) … of our moments captured. 

Saturday apparently was a picture-less day.  Can’t even tell you what happened.  I assume the same as most any other day. 

Sunday we headed south to visit with Loren’s sister, picking up Mr. & Mrs. Haymaker along the way.  It was a beautiful day so we went to the park.  I took so many pictures it was difficult to pick just a few. 

Evelyn had so much fun!  Here she is heading through the tunnel for about the 20th time and kissing Daddy through the side.  He would move to the next one and every time he did that he would get more kisses.  Smart Daddy.

The slide was a HUGE hit.  Made the Mama nervous as that little girl climbed and climbed her way all the way to the top.

But the giggles all the way down and the “hands up the air cause that was so much fun!” made it all worth while. 

The park was great.

Monday the 4th we were back home doing what we do.

Like playing with toys.

And changing socks. 

You know, important stuff. 

We also had our very first scraped knee.  And like every good “camera carrying Mom” I took pictures before doing anything else. 

It wasn’t pretty and was quite traumatic for the little lady.  But in the end she survived … with the help of some chocolate chips.

*Side story about the crayon bandages pictures above.  For some reason or another the day of my bridal shower (late Oct. I think it was) my friend ( maid of honor) and I ran to the Walgreens that is just a couple blocks from my Mom’s place.  I think that we went to get paper and pen to write the gift info down on.  Seems silly years later since I can almost bet that my Mom’s house had paper.  But anyway, we were there and picked out a cute notebook and these bandages.  Pretty sure I had a hang nail and well, my maid of honor is fun like that and was like “get these cute ones!” and so I did.  Little did I know that this adorable little girl would need them for her first scraped knee almost 5 years later.   It was fun remembering that … seems like yesterday.

Then we did some organizing. 

I did the linen/everything somehow bathroom related closet. 

It’s hard to tell how much it improved, but really … it did.  It was terrible.  And it took me way longer then I had thought it would.

Farmer Neal on the other hand knew his project would take some time.

He tackled the garage.  The garage that should house a vehicle but has been storing “stuff” instead. 

Took him several hours but it is almost ready for shelves.  It isn’t a pretty space … never will be, but it’s a garage and that is ok. 

So that was our 4th. 

Hope that yours was great!



  1. So many fun and amazing photos, it’s hard to comment on this post. But these are fun years with toddlers, and I know you are enjoying them! The crayon bandaid story was sweet. Who knows how life will unfold. Those knee scrapes really hurt, so I’m not surprised Evelyn was so upset. The blanket helped, hopefully….her little lifeline.

    Good job, Loren. Hard to believe all that fit into the garage in the first place!

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