Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | July 14, 2011

Water fun.

I came across these photos last night and realized that I never posted them.  A couple of weeks ago now it was hot … really hot.  So we filled some plastic tubs, grabbed a few items out of the recycling and played in the water. 


The kids had great fun.   If I recall I didn’t like it so much.  Seems to me there was a little bit of “oh hey, we can pour freezing cold water on Mom while she is trying to relax with her feet in the water”.   But other than that, it was ok. 

The water I used to fill the tubs was from the hydrant which is lots of feet deep (no idea how deep, but deep) so when I say it’s ice-cold, it’s really really cold. 

Neither one actually went into the water, but did have fun playing with it.

Pretty sure we’ll be pulling the buckets out again before the summer is over … if not for the fun, for some more adorable pictures.



  1. kids and water just seem to go together, my grandkids love to play in the rain or just have a bucket of water to dip and pour into other things, cute pics

  2. Looks like you’ll a few days coming up to utilize the water again! They look so cute :)

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