Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | July 18, 2011

Strawberries to Jam.

This past weekend we did a little strawberry picking.  And by “we” I mean that Farmer Neal picked them in the terrible heat while the littles and I hid out in the shade playing on the swing set at the u-pick farm.  He went with the intention of filling 8 gallons but we left with 4 … which was plenty.  If he had stayed to pick 8 I don’t know what I would have done.   Whining about the heat was getting a little redundant. 

That evening Farmer Neal washed and froze about half of his picking efforts and the other half went in the fridge, where they waited patiently for me to turn them into jam. 


So that was my chore tonight.  I started by washing and cutting off the tops. 


Then smashed ’em up with a potato masher.   


Added a ton of sugar.  Ok, not a ton but the recipe calls for 7 cups sugar to 4 cups strawberry.  Close enough to a ton … it’s a lot of sugar folks. 

The strawberries cook down a bit and come to a boil, then the pectin is added and they cook a little longer.  


The next step you will have to imagine.  The jars are filled and put in the water.  If you are looking for a little excitement in that imagine, add the fact that I splattered boiling hot jam on my hands and feet twice.  It was not fun … not fun at all.  I never imagined that even I could manage to repeat the process of splattering twice.  At least I stopped at two times.

The pretty jars boil in a water bath doing their thing and we are done.   There are 12 pints & one quart jar sitting on the table cooling.  I have heard almost that many “pops” which means I did something right and the jars are sealing. 


I know I say it often .. but I really love pretty jars.



  1. mmmmmm……..those look yummy! I think I would probably make some toast and break into one of those pints if I were you:)

  2. My middle child said that you should have added MORE sugar, even though I explained the sugar/berry ratio. LOL

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