Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | July 21, 2011

For the Birds.

We are no stranger to birds around here. 

Swallows … Barn Swallows from what I understand reside on our little 24 acre piece of paradise.  Lots of them.  They are a very active bird, the kind that might just freak you out a bit as they soar in or out of a window just above your head or seem to be heading in your direction just for the fun of it.  Fun to watch … not so fun to be fearful of.  Over time though you just get used to them, their dodging and soaring and you come to understand they are just birds doing what they do. 

Outside our porch there is a nest, a terrible dirty, gross nest.  A nest that is occupied on average twice each summer, by “The Swallows”.   It is kind of like a rental (sadly it even looks like a rental) … a pair of birds swoop in and decide it is just what they are looking for … great view, right size, and apparently in a good neighborhood.  To be honest, after 5 summers now it has sort of lost its thrill to see a new family moving in.   “Oh fun! Birds!” has been replaced with “Oh crap! (grumble … grumble … grumble) More birds!” .  Thankfully they don’t stay too long … just long enough to lay some eggs, hatch them, grow tiny birds to strong birds and off they all go. 

Sounds simple enough but there a few flaws in the system.  Like the droppings all over my front step, or on the flowers … I hate to see my pretty flowers suddenly white.  And the constant motion of birds swooping in and out of the nest all day.  First the two of them to spruce up the place and feed the Mama, then the feeding of all those little beaks.   But what can you do right?  They are birds and well, we are all about nature out here … believing in sharing the space.  Thankfully next summer we plan to put on a new porch and that might fix our little issue of birds nests … either that or it might be such a great place someone might just decide to build a bird motel. 

Our most recent family of birds (3 little ones this time, I have seen as many as 5) left without a trace a couple of weeks ago, I was actually surprised at how quickly they left.  My surprise turned to “what they heck?” a few days later when I noticed mud on the top of the windows from the enclosed porch.  It didn’t take long to figure out that a new nest was being built … in a terrible spot I might add.

A terrible spot in my opinion mind you, not in a birds.   There were 5 birds building this nest, completely unheard of in my limited experience.  Even Farmer Neal said “5? … really? … that isn’t normal.”.  But they worked diligently all day and it’s finished. I should admit that is was pretty cool to see birds up on the bar with straw and feathers and such just waiting for their turn to add to the mud.  Not cool enough for me to be happy about the new location, but I did spend a moment appreciating the process.   Plus the new porch will take care of this unfortunate eye sore as well … in time.

No new family yet … I suppose they are waiting for the paint to dry.


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