Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | July 21, 2011

Our new – super great deal – brick blocks.

I am sure this isn’t the first time your eyes have set on this type of block. 

Made of a sturdy cardboard that folds into a block they are fairly popular and common.  When I was a teen helping out in the church nursery there were plenty of them for kids to play with.  Those however, were not nearly as nice as these … nor as big. 

Are you just itching to hear how it is that we came to get so many great brick blocks?  Or are you more curious to know why in heavens I would add to this chaos that is here on a daily basis? 

Call me crazy but I did indeed fully choose to add this to that.

I won’t take complete blame since the garage sale lady was quite persistent. 

It all started with a little trip for groceries and a few addresses on a pink slip of paper for garage sales in the area found in the paper that we would maybe stop at.  I am one of those “drive by slow first” and see if it “looks” like a good sale.  Chances are good that I have missed a great deal or two in my judgement but it usually works out ok. 

I had a heck of a time finding this particular sale.  Actually, there were two across the street from each other and this made the quest even more focused as I like those two-for-one deals.  After a consult in my favorite local craft store, where I might add I found a couple great little remnants … I was headed in the right direction and we came upon two “smallish” sales.  After all my trouble to find them I figured it was only right to walk up the long driveways to see what I might find.

We did our shopping at the first one, then headed across the street.   I found a few things … nothing spectacular, just a couple of pairs of jean shorts that will fit Mathias in like 3 years but they were in such great shape and only .50 each that I had to get them, a couple of plastic baskets, and a Monsters Inc. video … and we were ready to go.  As we were checking out (is that what you call it at a garage sale? sounds funny.) one of the women said “you didn’t want the blocks?” and I looked around thinking in my head that she was lucky I found anything while two little people were not only afraid of the yippy little dog, but were also really busy “shopping” and finding all sorts of treasures … like open containers of legos and jax sets (and  for the record … who does that? … someone who doesn’t stop at garage sales with toddlers is my best guess.)  I simply replied with “Oh I didn’t see blocks?” as I scanned the grounds.  She said “I will give you a great deal!”.  Sensing her desperation to get rid of them I automatically followed her to find two huge bags of brick blocks.  I thought “even if they are terrible they would be fun for a while”.  Turns out, they weren’t terrible … they were in perfect condition, as if nobody played with them.  She told me two kids did … not my kids obviously because they were shiny and super nice.  The tag was priced at $5 which I figured was well worth it.  The woman was so excited I was taking them she even dragged them to the van for me.  So as the younger lady was checking me out she said “what did she say she wanted for them?” and I said “I don’t know yet”.  She shouted $3 at her daughter while coming back from the van and I was more than fine with it.  My total came to $6.50 with my other few items and the older lady said “let’s do $6 even” as I was finding the quarters.  So that makes it $2.50 for the blocks.

When we got home I noticed on the bag the price had been changed from $15, to $10, to $5 … and I handed over a measly $2.50.  Score. 

I looked on-line and found sets of 40 for $40 … I have 79 blocks (though it might be 80, it was a quick “stack-n-count” so I figure two sets.  Fun right?   

And the kids?  How do they like them?  Well after the initial shock of “what happened to our space here?” … they aren’t great with sudden change and I dumped them out while they were napping in the van … and a little frustration over “don’t take the blocks apart!” … they enjoyed them.

fyi … she has a slight flair for the dramatics … I promise I was nice about telling her not to take them apart.

Fun was had by all.  There were too many other toys in the way to try to make a house … but I am pretty sure that will be on the agenda tomorrow.  Even a small house will be fun, and if it isn’t then I might just have to make one while they nap. 

So in the end, the container is too small … even though it’s the largest I have, and there is no place for them to live besides in the middle of the livingroom/kids room. 

But, they were a great deal and I just couldn’t say no … it would take a pretty strong parent of toddlers to do that I think.


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