Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | July 22, 2011


Shortly before this picture was taken Farmer Neal said “I am going to go pick peas.” Looking at the little blonde girl attached to his hip I said “with or without her?”.  “Without” was the reply and he went around the house.

When he came back to head towards the garden with his white bucket they walked right past me.  So I had to ask.  “I thought that she wasn’t coming with you?”.  He didn’t even look back, though I could sence the smile on his face when he said “yeah well … she is sort of charming”.


He is awesome.  And though I know right now that she agrees with me … I just hope she remembers it when she is 16.



  1. If she takes after her mother, she will remember. And dad is right, she is charming.

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