Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | July 24, 2011

I heart spray paint … for real I do.

I did a little spray painting the other day.  I have told you before how much I love it and well, this experience was just as great as the first time.  There is something pretty cool about taking something ugly and making it not ugly.  Here is my ugly.

Now, if you have this in your home I apologize … but really?, pretty bad. 

I will admit it is sort of whimsical … and I guess if you think it is enduring that the duck is being all playful with the teddy bear during what looks to be like a delicious snack of cookies and honey, then I could see how someone might love it.  Though … don’t you think that duck looks a little mad?  And tell me?, I can’t be the only one that thinks those must be giant mutant ants.

Moving on. 

So when I saw it and laughed realized how perfect it would be near the door for keys I snatched it up.  Who would have guessed that just what I was looking for was at one of my favorite second-hand stores.  As a bonus, they were having a sale where anything priced over $1.50 was reduced to $1.  The price was $5 so it was a steal of a deal for $1.  I trust it would take someone pretty special to actually fork over $5 … but then again, I am cheap.  Oh wait?, “frugal” sounds a tidge better. 

 The center came out which was another bonus so all I had to do was wipe it down and get spraying.  I decided to do the chickens that hold the aprons at the same time. 

The decision to paint those chickens was painstaking but in the end I bit the bullet and just did it. 

The jury is still out as to if I am happy or sad about the results.  I mostly like it, but wonder if it was better the other way.  I will say that it matches the kitchen better now, so really … it’s all good. 

I didn’t really take any pictures of the chalk board paint or the spray paint … not too exciting anyway.  

But in the end …

It went from ugly … to just what I wanted!



  1. What a great idea! And yes, it was originally butt ugly. :) Can I say that on your blog???

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