Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | July 25, 2011


This past Saturday a little tree trimming and tree falling was going on.  I can’t say that this process is terribly exciting but it’s what I have pictures of.  I would much rather be sharing pictures of the two baby quilts I made this weekend … but well, they have yet to be “gifted” and so I better not spoil it for them.  To do my part and add to the gazillion posts posted in a day, here are some less than exciting pictures of a dead tree.


Things did liven up a bit when the kids were allowed out when the stacking of the wood was happening. 

They had a fun time with the sawdust and bark.  Mathias only tried to eat it like 6 times.  It apparently tasted better than it looked. 

So in the end, the mostly dead tree was down, there is a bit more fire wood (which is fantastic!), and the kids needed a good scrub down before lunch.  Good times.


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