Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | July 28, 2011

A few shots … some better than others.

Tonight as I was packing up to be gone for a couple of days, the kids were playing and the camera was on the table ready to be packed.  I thought we would experiment a little with light and etc.  Unfortunately, my subjects were less than cooperative.  But I still did get a couple of shots … some good, some not so good. 

Evelyn in natural light with no flash.  The only shot that “sort of” worked, mostly because she was giving me that “I would rather not have you take my picture” look and was motionless. 

This one makes me laugh … a lot.  She was telling me (again with her “look”) that she was not going to sit in the chair with me and Mathias. 

It’s not her best look … though I think it is hilarious. 

Mathias was being all cute in his chefs hat again.  Goofy ears and all. 

They all make me smile. 

Then we have the “give ’em a kiss” shots that they love to do.

I think as their Mom I will always appreciate those ones.

Finally we decided to try the timed shots with the tripod.  After about a dozen attempts we got one.

But my favorite girl said “no!” at the constant requests to join us.  Oh well, my favorite boy is at least half of my favorite kids.



  1. Those are scary eyes on Miss E. Maybe if you only ask to take pictures of Mathias for awhile, she will beg to have hers taken.

    Beautiful photo of you and the little boy, though:)

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