Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | August 10, 2011

A little random.

How about random?  You know the drill … I ramble on about one thing that almost always leads to another thing. 

  • It’s been a very long time since I have just written randomness.  I don’t know why really, except that I suppose I didn’t think that I have had much to see.
  • I tend to blog about what is happening around here.  That shouldn’t be  a secret.  But right now we are in mid summer where everything seems to just hum along … just the same thing mostly.
  • Well except for those new chicks.  That was sort of exciting.  Except that we haven’t seen them since.  When we walk by the milk house (which is seldom) Evelyn points and says “Baby Chickens!”.  Of course it sounds nothing like “baby chickens” … but we completely understand what she is saying.  
  • Evelyn is saying all sorts of new things.  She loves watching Charlotte’s Web, only she calls it the “Pig Movie”.  There is a scene where Fern is singing to Wilbur.  They start with a bath, then swing, then he has a bottle … etc.  She says “bath”, then “towel”, the “blue towel”, then “swing”, then “birds” (cause they show cute little birds in a tree), then “swing” again, the “bottle”, then “all gone bottle”.  It’s pretty cute … the first dozen times. 
  • Mathias is saying all sorts of new words too.  This morning he woke up and was saying something that I couldn’t quite decipher.  It was partially because he was awake about an hour earlier than normal.  Loren popped up when he heard him and soon I heard him changing his diaper.  “OH!” I said, “he was saying butt!”.  Apparently he was really wet … that’s because Evelyn gave him her juice.  She didn’t like it yesterday.
  • My children get watered down juice before their nap and bed time.  I am a bad Mom … it’s ok, I already know. 
  • So it’s like 11:20pm.  The kids are sleeping behind me, the kitchen is clean and I am awake.  Like wide awake.  Too late to start a movie though.  Loren will be home in about an hour or so. 
  • I just finished watching Sense & Sensibility.  I really like that movie.  Though it is not my favorite.  Nope, my favorite is a tie between Sabrina (the newer version) & While You Were Sleeping.  But I have been watching those so often I am “almost” tired of them.  If you asked me right now though if I wanted to watch one of them with you I totally would.  Anyway, I was working on some embroidered towels for our parish festival this weekend and I like the background noise.  Since my eyes are looking down I see very little of the movie.
  • I should take a picture of the towels to show you.  They turned out pretty cute.  I haven’t worked on any for a while so it was sort of fun to do a few.
  • Mathias is “stirring” behind me.  I hope he doesn’t wake up and see me here.  Cause then he will stand up, put his blanket in the air with both hands and wait for me to pick him up.  I can’t resist that face, even though it is partially covered with his blanket in the air.  I did mention that I already know I am a bad Mom right?
  • The good thing is that he won’t stay up long, just a little holding and then I ask “wanna go back to bed?” and he says “no” in an almost whisper (cutest thing ever!).  I ask again and include “say yes Mom” and he nods his head.  Sigh.  He really is a great little person.
  • I think I am done.  I always think it is so interesting when I just stop like that. 
  • Oh wait, did I tell you that I have 35 quarts of green beans done?  If you are on facebook you might know and if you aren’t on facebook then you miss out on all my fascinating little tidbits about my day.  Just sayin’.
  • But anyway, 35 quarts.  Not sure how many more we will get, but 35 is pretty good I think.  There has also been lots of broccoli which I dislike very much.  But that’s another story for another day. It isn’t worth my energy to write about gross broccoli. 
  • Oh and we have tons of cucumbers too.  First year that has happened. Not sure what we will do with them all.   And there are a few nice sized watermelons as well.  Another first.  They like the heat … according to Farmer Neal. 
  • Farmer Neal says Hi.  Well actually he doesn’t because he thinks that is the silliest thing when people say “tell her/him hi from me!”.  But I do believe that if he were here at this very moment and I asked he would agree to send his greeting. 
  • Alright, now I am done.  Thanks for reading … if you did.   


  1. I think I inadvertantly (stupidly, actually) lost my first comment so I’ll try again. I said:

    I always check your blog every day and read it, too. And though it may be hard to believe, sometimes I just can’t think of anything to say! ha

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