Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | August 12, 2011

Of service.

We all know Evelyn has loved to help for years … as soon as she could pick up a toy and put it in the bucket she has been helping.  It is mostly a blessing … until she feels like she “must” help.  I would rather have her cry about helping than not but still … sometimes it easier to do myself.  There are times I give into patience and let her, other times I don’t.  Completely depends upon my mood … it’s my right as the Mom to make the rules. 

The other day we were picking up toys and I asked her to move something to the porch for me.  It was still there a few minutes later as she was busy putting all the play food in the basket, so as I was walking past I took it upon myself to just pick it up & toss it in the porch myself.  Seconds later she realized what had happened and cried “MY DO!”.  She notices EVERYTHING!, not that I was trying to hide it (this time).  In a quick huff she went to the porch grabbed it, brought it back to the livingroom to were it originally was when I snatched it and let it sit there for about 60 seconds, just waiting.  She even looked around as if she was doing something else really important and didn’t notice it was there.  Then she grabbed it and brought it to the porch on her own … all the while saying “my do … my do … my do”.  Sigh.  Like I said, she likes to help.  It totally cracked me up that she had to wait awhile before putting it away. 

One of her new favorite jobs is this.

She has been able to flick a light switch for months and when it works out and she is being held at the same time as a light needs to go on or off she is right on it.  Of course those moments are were far and few between.  Now though she’s discovered she has some options.   

I must admit, that little stool really does come in handy and she is quite helpful with it.   Oh and because some one will notice … yes that is calamine lotion on her face … we tried that on some bites. 

So we like the stool … mostly … but we could use another one since that little boy is almost ready to be of service.


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