Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | August 17, 2011

The littles … 08.17.11

Today …

You would never know it, but while I took this shot they were screaming and fighting over … something.  

Even though fighting over toys is our new normal, they also can be quite fun.

And even sweet.  Good thing.



  1. Yes, children fighting is hard to deal with. I run into that daily in my profession Taking the item they are arguing over without any words spoken speaks a thousand words. I used to try to find out who had it first, etc, but now I just put them out of reach and walk away. They figure it out pretty quickly. Once they’re older, you can explain the sharing, whoever had it first has it til they lay it down rules. Try it, you might like it! :)

    The loving moments are sure nice, though.

    • Sometimes I just take it away, if I don’t know who took what since they don’t really admit who took what at this point, or even blame the other. But I did try a little something yesterday. We decided to be right on “time-out” with toy taking and try to find out quickly who took what … you know so that Evelyn would learn to be nice. Turns out within the first half an hour Evelyn had 1 time out (the first one) to Mathias’s THREE! Totally made me laugh. After that they were great all day. Today was alright too. So it’s all good … until it’s not. Ha.

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