Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | August 19, 2011

Much Better.

You might remember that I did a little crafting a few weeks back … with my beloved spray paint.  If I were a cool blogger I would link it somewhere here for you but really … it’s a pain with dial-up so you will have to either remember, look back, or forget the whole thing.  In a nutshell, I made a little ugly ditty into something much more presentable.  In the process I also painted my fun chickens. 

They went from colored to plain white.  You may recall that I liked them but didn’t love them.  See, secretly I wanted to get red spray paint for both projects.  Red seemed a bit bold.  So I chickened out on painting the chickens red.  Pun intended … since I am rarely punny. 

But today … today I went bold.

I needed some spray paint for another little project which I will share later … when it’s done.  Just ignore them in the photo.   I wanted red for them and sorta figured those chickens could be painted again.

As soon as the lunch dishes were done and kids in bed for naps the chickens were quickly whisked outside to endure yet another drenching. 

Did I say the kids were napping? 

Well, correction … one was napping.  She was “almost” ready for naps but wasn’t quite in her crib and well, she was cute and not crabby which made it ok in my world that she was up and able to be my helper. She was excited to find a ball in the flower pot.  You just never know what you may find in a flower pot around here. 

Anyway, back to the chickens.  The process was quick which is why I love spray paint and boy oh boy do those chickens look better. 

Much better.  Now maybe I should wash that window.  Oh, maybe later … after I am done admiring my red chickens.  Bold is good.  Bold is really good.



  1. i love it! much better than the white.

  2. lol… love your blog, and the red chickens are cute as heck.

  3. Love those chickens painted red! I love a pop of colour every now and then. And I love all those aprons you have hanging off the hooks! I have had a “thing” for aprons lately…now if I could just find a little extra time to make my daughter and I some!!

  4. nice job…you’ve inspired me!

  5. I think they’re MUCH better red. And I notice the red handles on the ‘husband beater’ on the windowsill matches it. Never used one for that, by the way:)

    BUT, I’m very curious about the next/other project. Since you said not to notice them they were all the more apparent. If you can make something usable out of those burner covers I’ll be amazed. Can’t imagine why you don’t use them ‘as is’. Ha

  6. […] mentioned a little project in the works during my little “going bold with red chickens” project.  […]

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