Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | September 1, 2011

An update … finally.

I have had every intention of posting … really, I have.  But one thing or another has come in the way.  Be it the computer acting up, a child needing me more than the computer does, a bucket of beans waiting to be canned, or my “I just don’t wanna” attitude … it’s true, that last one happens from time to time … I’ll admit it.  So here I am with a ton of pictures that I will try to load with a little info to go with it.  We’ll call it our weekly update or something.  Or maybe it’s been two weeks of stuff.  Either way … here we go! 


Miss E got her bangs cut … finally! 

She was a pretty good sport about it, but not as great as our dear “bang shearer” Julie.  She is awesome.  Not everyone can say “can you bring your scissors over?” and have a hair stylist at their door.  It does help that this adorable face is the reason of course. 

We love freshly trimmed bangs. 


Mathias loves his pink hat. 

 He also loves to put stuff in stuff. 


Our baby birds hatched.  4 babies total though the photo only clearly shows 3.  See that space where it looks like another one should be?  He’s there … just hiding when I took the picture. 

But then he wasn’t hiding and was actually missing.  One day Farmer Neal noticed one had fallen from the nest (we’ll assume it’s the one you can’t see cause it fits the story if you are visual like me) and was sitting near the step.  He said they would continue to feed him there until he could fly as long as nobody left the house.  Err … that wasn’t going to work.  So he tried to put it back up which is always risky.  Well, all the other babies freaked out and flew out.  But remember they can’t fly yet?  So they didn’t really fly as much as they fell.  We say a couple in the lawn and one in the driveway where bigger birds were tending to them.  But then the night happened and we didn’t see them again.  Sorta sad.  Of course I am only sad until I look at the sidewalk underneath the nest that needs to be washed and scrubbed since it’s full of bird droppings … then I think it isn’t so sad.


I made this cute shirt awhile back now … like a few weeks.  It is for a little girl Evelyn’s age, the daughter of a friend of mine.  They are expecting in early September and thought this shirt would be fun for her. 

Evelyn loved it, unfortunately she is already a big sister and since Mathias might be her only sibling (so far anyway) she’ll have to admire the shirt and not wear it. 

It turned out better than I expected … mostly because I forced myself not to over think the fabric choices.   That was a smart decision I think.


We have been busy on a couple of projects at the house.  First, the kid’s room is getting farther a long.  Sometime I might do an entire post on the process from start to finish since it’s been over 2 years since we started it.  But for now, I will tell you that the closets are painted and the trim. 


Next is the floor which Farmer Neal will tackle “hopefully” this weekend.  The process is two days because he wants to fill in some of the gaps between the wooden slats to help with dirt.  Did I mention the floor is going to be white?  I am really excited, some think it’s a crazy idea to paint a floor white.  Sillies. Wait and see … it’s gonna be great!

I also am in the process of painting an old dresser and a bookshelf that both need another coat.


Farmer Neal has been working diligently on some storage shelves in the garage.  They are desperately needed and so close to done I think we could call them done.  Well actually, he hopes to add another section but the first phase is nearly done. 

He’s doing a great job. I wouldn’t expect anything less … even for garage shelves.

Kids have been great helpers out there. 


We’ve been trying to hit lots of garage sales this year.  Not having an infant has helped.  

We find all sorts of treasures.  Some we need and some we don’t, but always something that I think we need at the time. 

One of my fun finds this weekend was a basketball hoop. 

5 bucks and they love it.  I love how they try to say “basketball hoop”. 


Someone is potty training … but I can’t tell you who.

Oh ok, twist my arm.

It’s our girl Ev.  So far so good … but we do still have to work on that whole “tag in the back” part.  She looks a little startled here because when I noticed her shorts I said “stay right there! stay right there!” as I ran for the camera chuckling.  Mom of the year.


Beans are done until the second flowering … or at least that is what I have been told. 

I don’t even know how many I did because I lost count.   So we are either at 140 or 133 quarts … I think.   Either way, it’s a lot.


I made some new valences for the kitchen the other day.   The other ones were boring old white … just meant to be temporary until I found some fabric I liked.

I thought it would be fun to time myself … and now I don’t remember how long it took.  Isn’t that just the way it goes, but it was like 37 minutes or something. 

I like ’em … they make me smile. 


Here are just some random pictures of the kids.  They are busy, fun, and pretty adorable.

Evelyn “pre-bang shearing”.  She wears baskets more than you would assume.


I saved this photo as “real” … think that pretty much sums it up.


Have you noticed she is being better about the camera? Nice.

Of course mostly I get this new face.  Better than nothing I guess.


He loves using  a spoon and I gotta say he is pretty good at it.

She’s too cool for spoons and her Mom is too busy with the camera to care.

Their Mama likes ’em.


Their Mama likes this guy too … he’s her most favorite.


Think we will stop there.  Pretty sure this is the most photo filled post I have yet to post and would you believe there are more?  Gosh.  But the littles are up now and I worked on this silly little post for over 2 hours already and I gotta be done.  Hopefully this plethora (one of my favorite words incase you wanted to know) of photos makes up for the lack of posts. 



  1. Good for you and all your time spent this summer with those cute little niece and nephew of mine…..your a great mamma!

  2. I love the material in the kitchen valance, it looks happy. thanks for the pics of the babies. like you I too have a good man that thinks if its worth doing it is worth doing right.

  3. Wow….what an effort! That has to take the prize for longest post with most pictures! Loved the photos of Evelyn getting her bangs cut, and the bedroom progress is exciting too. Hope Evelyn learns to use the potty and also to put her pants on the right way:)

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