Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | September 6, 2011

Big Girl Bed.

Evelyn is officially out of her crib.  It sort of happened like most things around here, not planned at all but done out of necessity.  It’s all good … we are used to doing things this way now. 

It all started when that cute little brother of hers jumped one too many times in his crib.  That’s right … one too many times of happy “see how I can shake my crib guys!?”.  I was sitting in the livingroom, you know where they have both slept their entire lives, when it happened.  Chatting with my sister on the phone I noticed that it looked like the end spindles of the crib were coming out.  I kid you not that 30 seconds after I saw it and thought “huh?, I should try to put them back in” … the corner of his crib just fell.  It fell about 6 inches, not a big deal and he just stood there not quite realizing what had happened.  After a few seconds he freaked out and I quickly snatched him out and put him on solid ground.  I should have taken a picture of the crib … I should have … but I didn’t.   These shots are a few days later, when we finally got it all taken apart.  The broken end was in pieces across the room.

I tried like the dickens to get the pieces back together but it just didn’t work … I needed more hands.  The temporary solution was to find the trusty old pack-n-play for naps.  This was a very exciting time for the little people … you would have thought it was Christmas or something.   So naps went well after Evelyn got over the fact that she was stuck with her comfy crib and not the uncomfortable pack-n-play.  She is so silly sometimes.  Mathias seemed to sleep well.   Bedtime however was less than ideal.  The boy is tall and well, the pack-n-play is less than “roomy” and he didn’t sleep well when he was in it for such a long time. 

Nap time rolled around again and I thought “this crabby boy needs good sleep!”.  The kids had spent the morning playing on the crib-less mattress that was on the floor and Evelyn was laying on it when I said “time for naps”.  She crawled up in a ball and said “my bed” and smiled.  I thought about it for about 6 seconds and figured I could just put Mathias in Evelyn’s crib and see how she would do with just a mattress on the floor. 

And so it happened … Evelyn had a not really new, but new to her “bed” on the floor and Mathias had plenty of room to stretch out when he needed to.

I moved the crib to where Mathias has always slept and switched their mattresses and it was done.  Well done until I decided that Evelyn’s spot wasn’t the greatest with an outlet above her head.  So before bedtime we did a little rearranging.

And then it was officially done … from two cribs to one.

Overall she has done great.   Last night I found her in the middle of the floor so apparently it’s a good thing that the mattress isn’t yet in her toddler bed.  We came across some technical difficulties with that chore so for now, she’s on the floor.  There are worse things. 

So how does Mathias like the change?

He’s adjusting.  And actually he is great … this picture just makes it look like he isn’t a fan.  But it makes me smile so here it is.

And Evelyn …

She’s sleeping like a rock in her big girl mattress bed …

and happy as a lark.  Growing up is great fun.


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