Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | September 12, 2011

The blue park.

We did a little traveling yesterday.  The kind of traveling that veteran toddler parents warn you about.  Our little traveling companions were less than content the majority of the trip.  On the way home we stopped at a rest stop that had a “blue park” … Evelyn loves blue … anything blue becomes her’s, so since the blue park was now “my blue park” we decided it might be a good idea to let them run & play a bit. 

And run a bit they did.

And the playing … well, the playing was just as fun as the running I would think.

There were snacks. 

Snacks with juice boxes!  A rare treat. 

We played a bit more after snacks.


But then it was time to go.  Unfortunately those happy children you see in these photos didn’t get back in the van with us.  The crabby “I don’t wanna sit in this van for another 2 hours” ones got buckled in. 

But we made it home safe and sound.  The constant crying is nearly a distant memory now 24 hours later.  And I am pretty sure that “Evelyn’s Blue Park”  hasn’t seen the last of this family.


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