Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | September 13, 2011

this-n-that tuesday.

It’s Tuesday … and I have a few photos from the past week that are sortof random, which leads me to “this-n-that tuesday”.  It might become a regular thing, or it might be a one time only thing.  Time will tell. 


This is our time-out spot.  Mathias sits there with a smile on his face and often visits while Evelyn is spending some time there.  Evelyn looks nothing like this when she sits in time-out.  


We call it “pink stuff”.  It’s just your regular old calamine lotion but to her its magic that takes away the itchies. 

Even itchies that don’t exist.


This boy is fun. Really fun.


We are still finding a few garage sales.  I have a problem leaving things like this there.  We don’t really need a green knit hat.  I did say it was a problem right? 


I did a little crafting last week. 

A little stitching on a baby sweatshirt. 

Turned out cute … if I do say so myself.


I also tried some freezer paper stencils on onsies for a couple of baby shower gifts. 

They were less than perfect, but I still used them.  Good thing is that I learned a lot in the process.  Things like I am no good with an exacto knife and that I have another reason to try to purchase a cricut machine. 


Did I mention this boy was fun? 


Kids have been helping get the mail. 

Oh wait? Did I say “helping”?


Farmer Neal has been busy getting some things done before the snow flies.  Mostly his extra time this past week has been spent on the roof.  The roof that covers the porch (and the addition) that we hope to replace with a new roof and a new porch.  It’s a terrible flat roof.  This is the roof that we wanted to replace last year and again this year that will hopefully last until next year.   He’s also working on the terrible siding which we had hoped to replace by now.  Oh well, we’ll hope for next year.


This is my new project. 

No promises on when they will be adorable and cute … but the goal is that it will happen at some point.  I wouldn’t hold my breath until the final reveal if I were you.  Just sayin’.


What can I say about this except that the girl loves water.  Shocking I am sure.  Oh and that I don’t love my bathroom sink cause it’s old and rusty … I appreciate that I have one, but seriously it’s sorta gross.


So there you have it … a little “this-n-that tuesday”. 




  1. Lots of cute photos!

    I don’t know why you had to bring the green hat home:) But Mathias seems to love it.

    • I love the green hat….:)
      I would wear it!

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