Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | September 15, 2011


Farmer Neal plants watermelons in the garden every year.  And by every year I mean at least the last 5 that I have been around.  And every year I say “you know that never grows right?”.  Have I mentioned that I am really a great cheerleader when it comes to the garden?  Anyway, he mostly doesn’t answer and plants it anyway. 

This is what happens to our watermelon.   Mostly not ripe. 

Except this year … in addition to a bunch like the above, we got some like this. 

The question though was whether it tasted any good. 

So Farmer Neal took some and said …

“tastes like the stuff in the store … not quite ripe.”  Then I laughed cause that is just so something he would say. 

So what did the rest of us think?

Everyone loved it.  Well, except for that little girl who never tries anything new unless you bribe her with M&M’s and today I just didn’t think it was worth the effort. 

But this guy was a big fan.  He had me picking out watermelon seeds for a long time. 

So apparently I was wrong about saying “you know that isn’t going to grow right?” . 

I don’t like being wrong, but if I am going to be wrong about something, this is an ok thing.



  1. you could make some really good pickles from the melon rine. we have a friend that makes them and my man can eat them out of the jar like candy.

  2. There are definitely some things that it is good to be wrong about.

    My daughter is another one of those who dislikes trying new things.

  3. Your family cracks me up!! You are such a wonderful storyteller I feel like I’m right there with you. I can see and hear every moment while reading. Thank you for the “Little House on the Prairie” moments I get with your posts!! Hugs and kisses to my favorite littles!

  4. Add a little salt and all good.

  5. Thank you for giving us one. It was better than the store–very sweet! We hope to get more?!? Leo call me a beggar, but we know you are generous, and share easily…

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