Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | September 19, 2011

A home for the jars.

If you know me in real life you have likely heard me complain a time or two about the jars full of food overtaking my living space.  Heck, I have complained so much you probably don’t even have to know me in real life to know this has been an issue for literally years.  It all really started back in 2007 when I did my first official canning season after getting married and canned tons and tons.  Of course when you have never canned before and you now have cans of food, even a little seems like a lot.   But in this case it was a lot.  Not sure what my totals were but I do recall 70 plus quarts of apple sauce and a similar number of tomatoes that were canned.  Anyway, these jars have taken over.  Mostly the issue stems from first losing a section of shelves in the basement, and then taking the last section out in the hopes that new ones would soon be made.  Fast forward a couple years and we are still shelfless and all my canning efforts have been boxed here and there.  Now rewind to this past Saturday when I told my favorite Farmer Neal that something has to be done.  This isn’t the first time I have given him my short but concise “the jars gotta get out of all these rooms!” speech but apparently it was my last. 

Believe it or not after my little well rehearsed speech rant he must have listened and then thought about it … a great combination and one that I always appreciate.  He said “you know what we should do?” and then I roll my eyes thinking it’s going to be something that will be a great idea but will never happen and simply reply by saying “no, what?” as I plop on the couch after my speech rant effort.  “Why don’t I cover the crawl space under the bedroom & kitchen down in the basement with plastic, because that is something we hoped to do anyway, and then put some sheets of plywood down there to store the jars”.  I said “great … when will that happen?”.  He replied with the most glorious words ever … “I can do it now”.  Did you just hear the angels singing because they still sang when I typed that even though it’s been almost 48 hours.  And then he left the livingroom (one of the few rooms that didn’t have jars of food being stored) and headed down.   A mere few hours later there was this. 

It might not look like much but let me tell you … it’s fantastic!  Lots and lots of room for jars.  Farmer Neal did some calculating and figured just over 400 quart jars would fit.  Over the course of the next day all the jars from all the rooms in the house (kitchen, laundry room, craft room & 3 bedrooms) made it downstairs.  Tonight after the littles were in bed we started filling the space. 

Obviously not just anyone can fit in this fantastic new shelving. 

And now … it looks like this. 

The angels just sang again.  Did you hear it that time?  Sigh.  It is seriously a lovely site.   We figure there are roughly 360 jars in there which doesn’t leave much more room but that’s ok with me. 

Because just having all these boxes empty makes this farmwife a happy camper.   Hugely productive weekend all thanks to Farmer Neal … oh and my award winning speech rant. 

Hip hip hooray!



  1. Amazing. They look so pretty on your platform. What a great idea!

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