Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | September 22, 2011

Little Farm Boy

Loren went to pick up some bundles of slabs this morning. 

We’ll use them to heat the house once they dry out.  It’s a pretty common thing around here, seeing Farmer Neal on a tractor.  At least to me.  Our little farm boy however hasn’t witnessed it quite as often.  You can tell by his reaction when he saw him. 

I wish you were here to see this scene in real life … he was jumping out of his skin.

It was about the cutest thing ever. 

All that excitement because not only did his Daddy came home, but he was on the tractor AND hauling a wagon full of wood slabs.   He ran as fast as his little legs could go.

The boy was over the moon with all those favorites combined.

When I wanted to take a few pictures however he got all “I’m not going to look happy here ok Mom … even though we both know this is like the coolest wagon of wood I have ever seen!”

We knew the truth so it was all good that the ignoring of the camera began and the smiles ceased.

And how about the little farm girl running around here?  Was she excited about the Daddy on the tractor with a wagon of wood?  Oh, she was happy I guess … but not nearly as excited as our little farm boy was.

Seems that the tractor and wagon of wood have nothing on her favorite Daddy.

I would have to agree.



  1. Good thing you got the first few shots, you would not be able to tell how excited he really was judging from the last few!

    I like the last photo a lot.

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