Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | September 23, 2011

Bye-Bye Baby Curls.

We did a little something today.  And even though yesterdays post was mostly about our little farm boy … I gotta show you these. 

I could have kept a curl but apparently I am not that sorta Mom since I said “umm … No?” when asked.  I did take a picture though so that counts I figure.  Then my camera died.  Any good Mom points I got for taking a shot of the curl I lost with the “dead battery” part of my day.  Oh well.  The “after” shots are when we got home.  They are also after snacks happened with no face washing.  It’s a good thing there really isn’t a grading system for being a Mom … how depressing would that be?   

Super cute right?  Sigh.

Evelyn was there too … I had to bribe a picture by telling her I would spin her in the chair if she smiled.  It worked.

Mathias did great during the whole thing.  And well, now he sorta has a “big boy” attitude going on.  Pretty funny actually … like he knows he is adorable in a big boy way. 

It’s almost bath time now and after we wash the product out that’s in those left over curls he won’t be quite as “cool” … but my best guess is he’ll still be adorable.



  1. so cute…..toddler……:)

  2. Awesome :)

  3. Where did your baby boy go? He looks so grown up, and proud!

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