Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | September 27, 2011

this-n-that tuesday.

Hello!  It’s Tuesday, I have lots of random pictures and thoughts so thought that another installment of “this-n-that tuesday” was in order.  My connection is slow slow slow tonight but we’ll see how it goes … or rather, what my patience level is. 


Fall is here!

Which means sweatshirts and jackets … sometimes even hats. 

We heart fall.


The tomatoes are still arriving daily … slow but sure we are getting quite a few.  Since we plant late every spring we run the risk of freezing but our efforts so far with covering the plants have paid off. 

I’ve made about 24 quarts of spaghetti sauce so far.  There is not a huge stress about the tomatoes this year since we have PLENTY left from the previous two years.  A nice problem to have. 


I made some carrot cupcakes for a potluck last Saturday.

Exciting stuff right?  But you must admit that they are pretty cute for boring carrot cupcakes.


The kids want to say hello.

Why I think that is so funny I don’t know …

but I still decided to throw it in here incase at least one person thought it was clever. 

 This was pre-big boy haircut … still cute as a bug though.


I haven’t been doing much sewing this past week but I did break out the knitting needles. 

Made a little hat for Miss E. 

It’s so cute it probably deserves it’s own post. 

But I know how it goes and it’s better just to add it here now to make sure it gets posted. 

I’ll work on one for Mathias next but for now he is happy sharing this one.  Just ignore Evelyn’s foot behind his head … or notice it and laugh since it’s pretty funny.

Who told this girl that she could look this grown up?  I assure you that it was not me.  


The kid’s like my shoes. 

When I am not tripping over them later while mumbling under my breath about how much I hate that they are left in my kitchen … I like that they are enjoying themselves at the time.


That’s all from us tonight!

Thanks for stopping by.



  1. Loved all the photos, and the hat is so cute. The colors look very good on Evelyn, even if she does look like she’s 6 years old. When did that happen?!

    The carrot cupcakes look yummy.

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