Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | October 4, 2011

this-n-that tuesday.

A little this-n-that tuesday today.



Evelyn LOVES to help and when I remember that little fact it comes in handy. 

Lots of little jobs have become “My Do!” jobs, like putting in the new bag for the diaper garbage.  She can do it all by herself as of today … she is pretty excited about not needing any help at all anymore.   


I am sort of dreading the day this sweatshirt no longer fits.  He’s been wearing it so long now that I will miss it.



Little girl … long driveway.


The “baby chicks” are getting better at making their way through that little door. 

The kids however, are not really getting any better at their fear of them.

Neither is their Mother.  I am surprised I got this shot while simultaneously gasping for air and running to rescue my girl. 

We might all learn to love them … stranger things have happened.

We aren’t exactly sure why some of the new chicks are more black & some more white… our best guess is that one is a boy and one is a girl. 

Time will tell … or a google search.  Likely time will be our option since it requires less effort.


He likes rocks.

And Mom likes it when she gets a cool shot.


I put up 9 pints of pizza sauce last night.  9 isn’t really that impressive, but I still love the look of shiny jars of food.


From the stitching room.

Another baby quilt.

This is what happens when you don’t put your last baby quilt stuff away and another one is needed.  Quilt Martha looks a lot like Quilt Katherine did. 

This one got a bag though.  It took two attempts on that bag but Evelyn was the recipient of a new book bag out of the deal with the defective one.  It was a big hit.  Such a big hit that the next day I made three more book bags.

Seems that my obsession with making tote bags and the kids’ love of books have found a happy place where they can live together in harmony. 

You may have noticed the cute pumpkin shirts the kids were wearing in their fall photos.  I made them late one night with nothing but an image in my head.  They are pretty fun I think. 



Happy Tuesday!




  1. I know chickens are more afraid of people then most people are of them. just put on your big girl pants and face the fear. I was afraid of them when I was young but my Dad just kept sending me to do things around them and the fear passed. love the pics of the kids, they are growing too fast though.

  2. I love these posts! The photo of Mathias’ hand filled with his beloved rocks and sand is a really amazing. And Evelyn’s pride as she stacked the toilet paper is really evident. I bet the darker chickens are the hens since their combs are smaller but then I’m no chicken expert like your hubby! Guess you’ll know soon enough. I hope the brown chickens accept the fancier ones and don’t pick on them cuz they’re special. ha I think I’m giving them properties of children, now that I think of it.:)

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