Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | October 5, 2011

Ok … NOW I get what she was telling me.

We had a long day … a great, but long day. 

We left early this morning and made it to story time at the library, went to some garage sales, met friends for a picnic of pizza & french fries, got groceries, picked up chicken feed, got more groceries for feeding the teens tonight at church, fed the teens, cleaned up after the teens, taught 7th graders, picked up the littles from their favorite Julie who loves on them while I teach, and then finally made it home after a 12 hour day.  A great … but long 12 hour day. 

We took a few minutes between picking up chicken feed and getting groceries to feed the teens and brought our own groceries in the house.  While the littles (one sleeping … one reading new garage sale find books) waited in the van I quickly put what needed to go in the fridge away and left the rest.  After we were home for the night I put most everything else away with the exception of the butter that needed to make it to the freezer.  I would have done it earlier if the freezer it was going to wasn’t the craft room freezer and didn’t have a bunch of crafts on it.  So they sat awhile which was all good.  There was another bag but I couldn’t remember what it was, I just knew there was a bag.  So when I realized Evelyn was in the fridge while I was on the computer I said “what are you doing in there?” and she came to the archway and said something that I didn’t understand.  This happens a lot … then I think & think and figure out what it “probably” is.  I guessed “are you putting that butter away?” and she said “yes”.  It took her awhile and so I said “are you still putting butter away?” and she came again to the archway and said something that I could not figure out.  She would lift up her right knee when she said  it … totally odd.  I decided to just let it go and ultimately she gave up trying to explain it to me, though she made several attempts. 

It’s been at least an hour and she is now fast asleep.  I noticed as I walked past the fridge that it wasn’t closed all the way so I peeked inside.

And …

NOW I know what was in that other bag.  Flour. And why it wasn’t closing … that second bag of flour was sticking out just a tidge. 

She totally makes me laugh.  So helpful I tell ya, so helpful.  She has been putting leftovers away for me after lunch and loves that job.  I usually tell her “just find a spot somewhere” and she does.  Obviously she knows what she is doing because it totally impresses me that she thought to put the flour on top of that dish.  She knows we stack and stack until you can no longer stack in there.

*** And incase you are curious about what is in that dish … and maybe nobody is but I would probably be wondering “what is that?, it looks kind of gross and why is it on a towel in the fridge?”.   It’s a chicken potpie (that froze at an angle) I had in the freezer that is thawing for lunch tomorrow.  It was making a mess on the counter in the short while it was there as I made room in the fridge so I thought a towel would make my life easier.  I am all about making my life easier.   Now you can rest easy knowing that bit of unnecessary info … you are welcome. 

So my girl Ev … making her Mama smile everyday! 

Oh, and I still have no idea what the deal with her lifting up her left knee was all about.  Maybe someday I will figure that out as well.

Updated … When Farmer Neal came home I told him our Evelyn story and he thinks that she had to use her knee to get that bag of flour in that spot, thus explaining her lifting up of her knee when telling me what she was doing.  Pretty sure he is right … so funny!



  1. That was my thought too. She did a good job of putting everything away. I briefly wondered what the dishtowel was doing in the ‘frig, but figured you would have a story…as usual you did! That was certainly a full day! Hope you get some down time today.

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