Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | October 12, 2011

Frying Hamburger … A Story.

This afternoon I was chatting with my favorite Farmer Neal while he was getting ready for work.  That couple of minutes between his shower and sitting down to lunch is often the most time we have in a day to chat … and lots of days we don’t even get that if I am still frantically getting lunch on the table.  But today, there was a moment when the kids had started their lunch and everything was ready so I went to the bedroom and dramatically fell on the bed saying “I don’t wanna fry 12 pounds of hamburger!, you know how much I hate frying hamburger?”.  Like any good man he just looked at me and listened.  I quickly apologized saying “Sorry, I am just extra whiney today … that’s ok right?”.  And again, like any good man would, he said “of course”.  Then added “I don’t mind frying hamburger though, you wanna go to work for me and I will do that?”.  This is actually mentioned quite a  bit, where we compare who might have a more stressful day.  Normally I say “nope, you go … I will stay”.  But today I said “actually, today I might just trade ya, but before we shake on it, it’s probably only fair that you know there is a tidge more to do today than just the hamburger.  See, you also need to clean up after the lunch about to happen out there, clean up the kids, get them ready for naps which will involve at least one clothing change and 2 diaper changes, put the eggs away, do the dishes, fry that hamburger and add the taco stuff, cut up a bunch of tomatoes to bring to church, make dinner for the kids and your Mom who will be here to watch them … probably some sort of pasta dish that could go in the oven before you leave for church would work, likely do more dishes after all that cooking, put that load of laundry in, oh and you will need to fold that load left in the dryer … sorry about that, then you’ll need to make this bed so your Mom doesn’t think we are untidy, the floor should be swept, a shower would be ideal … though highly unlikely and if you are lucky you will get to pee … but my best guess is only once …  (big sigh) … what do you think?”.  His reply went something like “Holy buckets!, all that in one day … I couldn’t even get a part of that done in a day?” to which I laughed and said “ummm … no, that’s all gotta happen in the next 3 hours.  Then you will have to go to the church and feed about 40ish teens, teach your class … oh you might want to at the very least glance at that lesson at some point, come home and do baths and get the kids to bed.  Oh wait … and you will need to can that pizza sauce somewhere in there.” 

He went to work.  Fortunately for me he totally gets how much goes on around here on a given day and I am not complaining about my list of “to do’s” in the least.  I even added a few things before I left for church freshly showered (thank-you-very-much) and with canned pizza sauce on the table.  It is just amazing to me what we can accomplish in a day … boggles my mind actually and I am so thankful for the ability to get so much done.  But now I am tired, really tired and pretty sure a movie and my knitting needles are calling my name.  Oh and just to be honest here … those little people are not freshly bathed, I didn’t say I was a super hero.



  1. but you ARE a superhero!

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