Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | October 16, 2011

Pumpkin Painting … a first.

Last Saturday (no idea why it has taken me a week to get these posted but oh well!) we went to story time at one of our local libraries.  We are fortunate to have one about 4 miles south of us and one about 14 miles north of us … we are blessed like that.  Of course it would be neat if there was one in out itty bitty town but then again, we would only have one.  We love the library no matter what town it’s in. 

And this time we were able to paint pumpkins!  Painting hasn’t yet happened in their young lives and needless to say … they thought it was great.  They were both very serious about the process.  Oh and, Evelyn loves her “hood up!” so it wasn’t cold as much as she is a creature of habit and loves her hood up.

Pumpkin painting and library books … huge fun.



  1. The library seems like the perfect place to paint for the first time…at least to me:)

    I used to give you guys water and a cup and a little brush and you could paint without making a mess. It shows up on paper until it dries at least! Once you were older we got some of those little water color paint sets, though,not to deprive you of the real thing:)

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