Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | October 31, 2011

Still Here.

We are still here … just busy is all.  Sorry if you were worried about us, but everyone is great, healthy and happy.  See. 

Did I mention “messy?  Life with toddlers and too many toys tends to be a bit messy is all I gotta say. 

As a side note … apparently when I went to re-size these photos I made them as small files which explains why they are less clear than normal.  I caught it towards the end of my quickly saving the photos so I think that the next ones will be better. 

This isn’t super exciting but we did a little rearranging in the livingroom/kids room tonight.  We are inching closer to completion upstairs but are not quite finished and the space was making me crazy which meant a little organization was in order.  I pulled a dresser from upstairs down and filled it with the toys, moved the couch and the beds around.  I am almost out of options but this should keep me happy until the big move to real bedrooms. 

Like I said, not too exciting.  Kids like when we change things up though so that is nice. 

No other fun news, just the same old stuff happening around here.  :) 

Could they be any cuter?  Sigh.  I really do like them lots. 

Thanks for stopping by … we’ll see if I can’t get back into the “posting groove” again soon.



  1. i was getting worried that something was wrong, i should know that two little ones can make life very busy, welcome back.

  2. I like the new look, and Evelyn’s new big girl bed! Mathias is looking pretty grown up too…and his eyes are as green as his sleeper.

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