Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | November 8, 2011

this-n-that tuesday

It’s Tuesday … and I’ve got a little this-n-that for you.  Life has been a little slow this week thus far and last week as well come to think of it.  And I suppose it really isn’t that things are slow since that just seems silly to say with toddlers under my charge, but more so that the camera has been on the shelf.  Currently we are under a “no pictures please Mom” order.  Not sure when it will expire but I will keep trying.  If it doesn’t expire before I want to take Christmas photos than the Mama will be getting out the big guns … in the form of sugar.  For now this is what we have.


Evelyn loves to color.  This should shock nobody who reads here regularly since I have shared that a time or ten.  But right now she loves coloring in some old coloring books we found that Loren colored in as a child.  They are super fun to look at for a couple of reasons.  First, he colored the books in order.  We know this because the colored pages suddenly stop about half way through the book.  Secondly, he signed his name on each page and in one book also added the year.  He worked on that book from 1976-1977.   I have them put up but Evelyn found a Christmas one the other day.  

She finished the sleigh which apparently she thought should have been colored blue.  She does a nice job no?  

The girl is pretty great. Even though she does this most of the time when I ask for a photo. 



This happens a lot. 

But he sure is adorable.


I started and finished Mathias’s one-year quilt last week.  It’s mostly terrible so I am cheating and showing you it’s best angle.  If there is a best angle.  I had some issues with it.  Like an issue with it being horribly crooked. Oh well, it’s done.


The two of them ended up different sizes so they can’t really hang next to each other, it shows their flaws in full force.  For now they are together continuing to taunt me over how imperfect they are each time I look at them.  It’s a good lesson in “it doesn’t really matter”.  And they are right above the changing table so I have lots of opportunity to get over it.


I have had this picture in my folder for months.  Literally months.  The grass is green and leaves are on the trees which hasn’t been the case for several weeks around here.  I have no other reason to share this photo than to move it to the posted folder.  For a couple of weeks 3 deer decided the yard was a good place to just hang out.  Odd.  They were outside my kitchen window so often that it was more of an irritation that a “hey cool! deer!” moment.  Not sure if they survived the hunting weekend or not.


The natural light when I was taking pictures of Kathy’s quilt last week was great on my friends deck.  Unfortunately no little people agreed. 


Tonight the kids found a bowl of popcorn that we had popped earlier in the day for Loren to take to work.  He munches … or inhales … it’s hard to tell since I am not there.  I am pretending it is munching because the inhaling drives me crazy … one of his quirks that I am learning to love, be it ever so slowly.  Anyway, the popcorn we pop and send with keeps him awake on his drive home at night.  Guess I shouldn’t really care how he eats it as long as it does the trick.  Today there was extra and the kids found it about 6pm. 

I called it dinner.

Then felt guilty and made them a grilled cheese sandwich.  As if a grilled cheese sandwich was really that much better …. we sorta skipped anything “green” tonight.


And lastly, another old shot.

Those were the rocks I found in Mathias’s onsie when I went to change him before naps a few weeks back.  He likes to think his shirt is one giant pocket.  Oh the things we find in there at diaper changes.  I should think this is something I will want to remember when I am old and grey. 




  1. At least popcorn is a whole grain treat/supper! Grilled cheese sounds wonderful on a cool fall day.

    I can’t believe Mathias could carry that many rocks in his onesie and not want them out! Some of them are pretty big. He must’ve been pretty lumpy when you picked him up:)

    • I didn’t even notice the rocks until after he had lunch. Ha. I felt pretty bad when I changed him because I assume he was pretty uncomftorable. :)

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