Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | November 10, 2011

I spy bag.

I saw an “I spy bag” in our local craft store last week and knew the kids would love them.  So I went to work trying to create my own version.  The first attempt was a trial run and I learned much … as usual.  Here is my second attempt in pictures with what I learned the first time around. 

Step one – cut my 2 pieces of fleece 6 inches by 7 inches.  First time around I used a pretty cheap fleece and it is already showing wear.  This time I dug a little deeper and found some better quality.  I might just make them out of cotton if I try more … still deciding. 

Step two – find all my trinkets. 

My first bag had 21 items and this one ended up at 24.  Most of the ones I found around the internet were at least 30.  If a person went to an actual store instead of shopping in junk drawers the variety would be greater of course.  But for our little people who don’t really know better, our junk drawers worked just fine.

Step three – type out and print the label for the back.

The first time around I printed on printer paper and it crinkled in minutes once little hands worked to find the items.  At a friends suggestion I printed on fabric this time around.  Somewhere I acquired several sheets of printable fabric sheets so we’ll see how that works.

Step four – sew  a piece of plastic vinyl over the list and cut the center out of the front of the fleece and sew in another piece of vinyl.   This is a picture-less step.  When I took the few shots I did I didn’t really think I would be explaining all the steps but now that I started I think I will just finish. 

Step five – sew three sides on the bag together. 

Step six – add the items to the  mostly sewn bag.

The first time around I forgot an item and also forgot to list an item so this time I double-triple dog checked both the list and the items.

Step seven – add plastic pellets.

First time around I didn’t have these fantastic pellets and used a bunch of colored beads which worked but wasn’t ideal.  Because my husband works in plastics he said “I bet I can get those from work” after I found them on-line with a pretty hefty price tag.  Took a little effort to get permission & price to purchase them but he brought them home last night at a mere fraction of the cost which makes me super excited.  I used 1 & 1/2 cups for this size bag.  There is still a debate as to if that is too much filling … time will tell.

Step eight – sew the last side together.

Step nine – trim the sides and accept that it isn’t perfect.

Step ten – watch a happy 2 year old!

Poor Mathias is stuck with the old one so I might take the time to disassemble his and make it better.  We’ll see.  Currently they are tossing them all over the house calling them bean bags.  Who better to test their durability then toddlers huh?



  1. Very cute!

  2. What a great idea! I’m glad the kids like their new ‘bean bags’ ;)

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