Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | November 14, 2011

The littles-n-babies.

Our little people love babies.  Real ones, fake ones, just the idea of them.  They are all about babies.  And since no babies seem to be coming forth to make more than just the two of them around here we have to resort to the fake ones. 

Oh but they love them just as much as real ones I think.

They especially love to wrap their babies in the cool baby doll blankets I find at some of our favorite second-hand stores from time to time.   Here is Evelyn proudly displaying the two newest finds.

I think if I didn’t have anything else to do I would be tempted to make adorable little patchwork baby doll quilts all day long. 

We hear lots of “rock-a-bye-baby” as baby dolls are bundled and rocked to and fro.

It’s pretty adorable. 

Mathias loves on his baby doll too.

Often it is difficult to see his baby because he picks the little ones and piles several blankets on top.  He is such a good daddy to them babies keeping them nice and warm. 

So I snapped this “look at me Mom, this is what I am going to look like when I am 15” picture of our boy.

Pretty much freaked me out.  He looks somewhat intimidating to me, like a jerky football player maybe?  Think we’ll steer him towards the chess club or something.  I imagine that might be a look I get when I ask him to smile for the camera as a teen.  Yikes.

Thankfully this is who I (mostly) get when I currently ask.

So it’s all good.



  1. Cute post. Evelyn really does look like a proud mama, and Mathias is doing like his dad does and keeping his baby warm:)

    The ‘teenage’ look will be there before you know it…time flies when babies are growing up.

  2. my mother in law makes quilts and lots of baby quilts and doll quilts, she used the sun bonnet sue and farmer boy patterns for the doll quilts. the girl ones has lace and ribbon on the bonnets and the boy has a red hanky in his overall pocket. they are about 4 squares and just the right size to keep dolly warm.

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