Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | December 4, 2011

Highlights Of Our Week.

Looks like it has been a week since I have been here … boy does that ever happen quick.  So here are some highlights of the past week. 


Sunday morning we went to Mass and started the Advent season.  I love the Advent season of waiting and preparing. 


Sunday night Farmer Neal took a look at Irene.  The hat was a gift from one of the little people roaming around here.  He’s such a good Dad to accept such a gift.

Irene is our inherited with the farm 1967 singer sewing machine.  She isn’t being very cooperative but we are hoping that a trip to the repair shop will straighten her out.  My other machine that I love … Betty (she was a white brand machine and so I named her Betty … I think I am funny) is not going to be repaired, snif-snif. 

Farmer Neal worked on her a few weeks back with little success.  So sad.  I loved her because I purchased her before I even knew how to sew … she has taught me all I know which isn’t much, but something.  Unfortunately she was made to break and replace and well, that is sort of the way things go now a days with cheaply built stuff so we are cutting our losses with her and going back farther in the world of basic sewing machines when they built them to last with heavy-duty parts.  Our repair guy is optimistic that old Irene will be good as new in no time and that Betty isn’t worth the investment of repairing her.   Here’s hoping that he is right, because I miss sewing. 


Monday morning Miss Evelyn got a haircut.  Think she needed one?

And actually she just ended up with mostly a bang trim instead of much off the back.  Why?  Hmmm …

The girl hated it.  

 There was little joy in the salon that morning. 

But in the end she could once again see.

Julie was kind enough to give her a treat for her cooperation?  She’s a sucker for our girl Ev, even when she is terrible in the chair. 


Tuesday was apparently a photo-less day.  I am sure something fun happened but have no idea what it was.  You will have to come up with something … feel free to be creative. 


Wednesday we had the “Egg Showdown of 2011”. 

Three hours later she ate that little egg with her vitamins for Daddy.   Not every kid can be bribbed with vitamins but she is one of them.  Strangest thing ever.  I asked her if I would have thought of using vitamins to get her to eat it if she would of and she said no.  She is a bit stubborn … you may have already noticed that. 


While Evelyn sat and whined and stared at the egg saying “no me eat egg!” a million times I tried to persuade her with all sorts of things.  Including letting Mathias wash dishes and bake brownies with me in front of her. 

Girl didn’t barely flinch.  At least  we benefited with some extra Mom & Son time. 


Thursday we went to the library.

After we were back home they spent lots of time reading.  That book Mathias is holding is a book about Micheal and his potty chair.  It was intended to encourage Evelyn (even though I know it is geared towards a boy) but our boy is now wanting to be potty trained.  We are pretty much in potty training mode now with both. 


Friday and Saturday I spend with a friend with what we call “24 hours of crafting”.  It was awesome of course.  

Would have been really cool if I had a sewing machine though.  I tried with little success to get an even older than Irene machine to work. 

We had the manual and ended up with the correct threading but she petered out after just a little while.  I called her Lucy, then changed her name to Ethel after realizing that Lucy was a little more rebellious than Ethel ever was.  Not too surprisingly, the name change didn’t seem to make any difference. 

Because I didn’t have a big project to work on I just brought a few little ones which I mostly didn’t do.  I did help my friend with her huge “I am going to make 4 quilts before Christmas” challenge.  That was fun.  When I wasn’t helping with cutting and some pressing I did manage to sort and fold all my scraps.

Much better. 

And I also learned a little thing called “quilt as you go” or something like that.  When my friends sewing machine was idle I jumped on and practiced.

There will be fun pot holders in my future.   Hopefully Irene will be up for it.


So that was our week.  Today we are just hanging out and enjoying a low key Sunday.  Hope you had a good week, and another one on the way!



  1. glad to see you back on, missed the babies. our son was much easier to potty train then our daughter. I have been making doll clothes for an 18 inch doll this week, they are turning out pretty good.

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