Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | December 6, 2011

Art project with the littles.

I don’t normally do art projects with the kids.  Not too sure why?, but tonight I decided since we had an hour before bedtime we would attempt one.  I think this is technically our first one.  After a little gathering of items in the craft room and a little chat about the fact that a glue stick is not the same thing as chapstick we were on our way.

A piece of blue paper, a few white circles, glue, buttons, cotton balls, some  black paper & markers was all we needed to make some fun. 

After we were finished with the big snowman Evelyn wanted to make another one.  I cut a bunch of circles and made our family. 

I think we need scarves so they just might be added later. 

Miss Evelyn was pretty proud of herself when she put a beard on her Dad. 

I gotta say, I was as well.   Totally makes me smile.

Pretty sure there will be more crafts in our future.



  1. ahhh…..and I got to hear some of the process…too cute!

  2. Looks like you have a couple of budding artists…I loved the beard on their dad , the ‘chapstick’ glue, and the sticky fingers on the cotton ball. But they were all such cute photos. Gave me an idea, besides. Ayden is bringing home a family of snowmen from daycare today.

  3. Looks like a fun project…I will have to remember this one for my own kids! My little guy needs that same, “this is not chapstick” talk…pretty much everytime we use glue! Makes me smile!

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