Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | December 16, 2011

I should be doing something else.

I really should be busy about several other things.  But instead I think I will post a few pictures that have been taken as of late.  Sound ok?  Good.


We had a little fun outside the other day. 

Daddy was chopping wood and little people were very excited.   I was super impressed with his strength until he told me it was rotted wood and that it wasn’t nearly as impressive as I thought.  He is still awesome in my world though so it’s all good.  Pretty sure the kids thought it was great as well.

It was cold, but that was ok. 

After all the hard work was done the little people went to get the mail. 

In style. 



I finally got the little carrots canned.  It is not my favorite job.

But there are 21 quarts of pretty carrots on the counter and I have mostly forgotten all the cursing that when on while I scrubbed and/or peeled (I did one batch one way and one the other) 12 gallons of little carrots. 


I did a little Christmas baking for the neighbors. 

Pretty treats.


We were invited to a cookie decorating party this week. 

It was great fun of course.  How can it not be fun with all those colors of frosting.

Mathias took his job very seriously.  Sometimes he is so much like his Dad it is scary.

He did a great job.

How did Evelyn do? 

Well she mostly ate the frosting.   Sometimes she is so much like her Mom it is scary.

She did manage to frost one I think it was.  Mostly she ate that frosting and ate the cookies.

She knows how it’s done.


And finally.   The day before the cookie decorating I was gathering sprinkles to bring and share.  Which I forgot at home, but still … I tried to share.  Anyway, while I was prepping lunch I let Evelyn do this.   I know I know … but sometimes I don’t really think things all the way through before it’s too late.

At least the counter wasn’t clean to start with and well she was so stinkin’ happy during the process. 

And how about the floor?

That should explain it. 


Have a blessed weekend! 



  1. Mathias is so young to do such an amazing job of decorating cookies…you can just see the concentration in the photos. And Evelyn may as well just eat from the bowl:) Loved the photos of her feet, too. Great post!

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