Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | December 20, 2011


I decided on toffee for the cookie exchange this year. 

This was plan B.  Plan A fell through when the molasses jar ran short in mid baking.  This was my first attempt making toffee and even though there were a few mishaps in the process of making 6 batches much was learned … as is often the case. 

6 pounds of butter, 12 cups of sugar, a shake or two of salt, 6 bags of chocolate chips, and a few nuts was all it took.

Last night I said that I wouldn’t likely be making anymore toffee but now in the light of the day it doesn’t seem like such a bad idea … as often is the case.



  1. That looks really good. Great job:)

  2. Happy Holidays Stephanie, Loren and munchkins!
    I just wanted to say thank you for the Christmas card and also for remembering us this holiday season. I visit your website often to catch up with your family and giggle at your gift of writing, as well as the fun pictures of your escapades! Hope you have a great holiday season! PS, the toffee looks wonderful!!
    Love, Brenda and Glenn Hommerding and family

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