Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | December 22, 2011

Christmas Shirts!

This years Christmas shirts were easy, but they turned out adorable.

Just a simple tree, some heat-n-bond & polka dot fabric, and a little stitching and they were done.  Oh and a star of course.


I wanted to get them done before the cookie exchange this week and so they were being stitched at 11pm … but they were ready before we left the next morning so it’s all good.  Even though I brought the camera along it stayed in the van resulting in zero pictures during the event.  I did snap this after we arrived home.

Pretty much sums it up.



  1. Maybe now Evelyn will have a new favorite shirt! What a great idea to let the fabric trim the tree.

    I see Mathias got one small bite out of his cookie before he nodded off. Must’ve been a very busy day!

    • well she hasn’t taken it off since yesterday morning if that is any indication. :) should be able to get it washed before Sunday though I think. Ha.

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