Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | January 11, 2012

Craftroom shelf!

It is late … like 2:30am late but I wanted to share what I did today.  And by today I mean ALL day!  It all started with a little shelf.   A shelf that Farmer Neal made for me … in like 3 days which is HUGE in the world of a procrastinator.  I asked for it on a Saturday, it was ready to put together on Sunday, Monday it sat on the table because of that pesky “working for a living thing”, but today (well actually yesterday now) it went up on my craft room wall. 

There was a snag though.  See, the shelf was supposed to go up there  … between the wall and my existing make-shift “storage area”.  Turns out that we were 2 inches short because Farmer Neal forgot that the size he measured it needed to be the size he made it!  His boards were already cut but at 2 inches longer than we needed.  Well, he wanted to keep that 2 inches so I had more room.  Great plan if it were to fit.  So I basically threw a big fit (seriously, it wasn’t pretty) because I was going to lose that metal shelf and started to take apart the corner of the room that I hadn’t intended to tear apart.  It was terrible really, but the good thing was that the metal shelf came off the other part of the shelf and there was enough time to do some fancy figuring and put it on the other wall.  

This made me very happy and I felt really bad for throwing that fit before.   But before that surprise shelf went up … this one did. 

Ta-da!  Nice right?  I love it.  Farmer Neal refers to it as “skill-saw furniture” and is not proud of it in the least but heck, it totally works for me!  

Did I mention kids helped?  That little boy mostly jumped up and down on the containers of papers and that little girl rearranged thread … but they had fun. 

After the shelves were up I started to get busy organizing.  Do you think it needed it? 

Believe me when I say that it got much worse than this before it was done. 

But now … look at my space …

Could it be prettier?  Oh my goodness I am happy about this.  And of course now all I want to do it get in that beautiful space and create something fantastic!  However, since I spent ALL day in there the rest of the house is chaos at its finest and I did mention it was after 2:30am (now 3am) right?   Pretty sure I will dream about that gloriously organized room tonight … you know after those dishes are done.



  1. What an amazing transformation! I bet you’ll be in there creating something right away today.

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