Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | February 23, 2012


So it’s been awhile since I have just typed here … you know, where I just let my fingers do the talking. Can’t say whether that is a good thing or not, but here I am with a glowing monitor and the keys a-tappin’.

  • Framer Neal is working late tonight, the littles are asleep and apparently I am not sleepy.  I was sleepy a bit ago but had to de-bone a chicken … what? you don’t do that at 1am?  You are missing out I tell ya, missing out. 
  • Actually, de-boning a chicken is one of my least favorite “cooking from the ground up” chores but it’s gotta be done when you have whole chickens in the freezer that cook up best in a crockpot. 
  • It’s Ash Wednesday … well at least it was up until 90 minutes ago.  It was a good day, I am ready for Lent which is somewhat odd to state but it’s true.  It’s always good to reflect, slow down, do a little sacrifice, be more charitable, etc. 
  • That charity thing is sometimes an issue for me and especially today on Ash Wednesday … which is interesting if you give it some thought.  I blame facebook mostly and “friends” that I don’t even really know at this point in my life.  Sortof silly really and since I don’t want to make this a big deal I will simply state that individuals ignorance of my faith is frustrating.  Enough said … oh except to add that as a Catholic I am not forced to give up something for Lent … if I do, I chose to do so and if I chose not too it’s ok … I will not be struck down.   There is so much more that I could rant about but since I don’t really rant here … especially about religion I will just be done.  You are welcome. 
  • Interestingly enough I am not really giving up anything for Lent … at least I don’t think so … nothing has struck me as “oh that would be a good idea!”. One thing we have decided to do is to simplify our meals which will in turn simplify my life.  I told Farmer Neal the other day that my biggest stress in life is feeding the three of them day after day.  He thought it was sortof funny since life could obviously be worse.  True … but it really is a stress and so my plan for the next 40ish days is to make soup.  That’s right … soup.  Soup and breads for lent.  We will of course keep our normal breakfast intact and there will be exceptions.  Exceptions like our upcoming family birthday celebration this weekend and things like that.  Exceptions will likely fall on weekends I figure.  Since they are our own rules they can be broken.  Oh and of course if I decide after a week that it just wasn’t a good idea … that would be an excellent exception.  I am actually really looking forward to it.  I’ll keep you posted as to how it’s going. 
  • We are having chicken wild rice soup & fresh dinner rolls tomorrow.  It’s one of our favorites.  Friday is tomato soup & grilled cheese.  That is all I have planned.
  • I should really make my soup & breads menu.  I will … eventually.
  • The craft room has been busy … but I can’t share anything yet which is kindof a bummer.  Gifts need to be gifted is all, then I will. 
  • Did I share these little scissor holders with you?  Pretty sure  I did on facebook but incase you care to see them, here they are. 

  • I tried them out a couple of weeks ago on my crafting night and they traveled great in their little cases.   They are fun.
  • I was told today how much someone loves my blog.  I like to hear that but at the same time I have this moment of “oh crap!, I am such a terrible blogger!”.  I know I don’t get here as much as I could or should but really … there are just times when I can’t.  I also feel bad that this here “new farmgirl” blog has definitely taken a turn away from the farm … we can blame the little people for that.  I am not sure that blogging should come with stress and worry but it does.  I actually like it when my little numbers of people popping in here drop a bit … it’s like the expectation is lowered?  I don’t know … but what I do know is that I could never be a big fancy blogger … it might just kill me. 
  • Want some “kidlet” facts?  Maybe not the best transition from dying of blog related stress but whatever. 
  • Evelyn is 100% potty trained.  I know right? She is like a potty training rock-star. Took less than a week … including night-time training.  Did you know that there is a difference between night-time and day-time training?  I didn’t.  I mean it makes sence and all but it’s just another one of those things that I learned since having kids. So yeah she is awesome. We still bring her frog potty chair to church with us on Wed. nights. It is more than adorable to see her drag it to the bathroom.  Besides that night she officially crossed that whole “scared of the big toilet” issue last week at the craft store.  I bribed her with chocolate.  There are worse things.
  • In other exciting 3-year-old news … we are growing Evelyn’s bangs out.  Well, unless I give up.  Time will tell.  But today I had to play the bad cop and force a barrette into her hair.  Her plan was to blow them out of her way which was actually sortof funny and cute when she would try.  No idea how she got that idea but it was the perfect solution in her little world.  I really do hate to change her plans but sometimes you have to.  While I was at it I tossed in a pony tail as well … something I have wanted her to like for months. Figure if she was mad at me, she might as well really be mad.  After the initial melt down she was totally fine and even asked for them back in her hair after naps.  Score!  She looks like a totally different girl to me. 

  • Such a pretty girl.  Sigh.  She already makes her Daddy a little worried.  
  • And what about this guy. 

  • Can you believe that Mathias will be TWO in a mere 2 weeks?  Holy cats that is crazy.  I need to plan a party for him.  I am thinking cowboys.  Fun right? 
  • Oh and he might not look really naughty but let me tell you … he’s pretty naughty. And busy!  Holy cats the little man barely stops running all day. But he is still my favorite boy.
  • Generally my kids are silly.  Did you know? 

  • And I wonder how my blog went from a newlywed farmgirl to those faces … I would pick them over a story about my fear of chickens any day. 
  • So there you have it … a little of this and a little of that. Nothing too earth shattering of course, just a tiny glimse into what is happening around these parts. 
  • Have a blessed day! 


  1. Wow….20 posts in one! Evelyn’s hair looks nice off her face. The scissors covers are really unique, and I now that when you can post the latest works of art they will be amazing.

    I love your random posts…just don’t know where to start commenting so I pick a couple of things only. Otherwise, my comments might be just the same length as the post. ‘Cuz I have an opinion on almost any topic:)

  2. So enjoyed your ‘musings’. Is that a word?

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