Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | March 11, 2012

Mathias is (almost) 2!

Today we celebrated Mathias and his (almost … one day shy) two years being our favorite boy! 

He wouldn’t smile for the camera … shocking I am sure. 

I did mention he was TWO right?  Good grief.  I did a get a “no” or seven when I asked however. 

But he is still pretty cute even while avoiding eye contact.

The party was small but grand with family filling the nooks and crannies our our small space. 

He was so serious while opening presents and gave little expression … just working at getting the job done.  Sortof funny. 

Cake and ice cream was next. 

Which the birthday boy didn’t eat.  Goofy kid. 

He did figure out the candle blowing with the help of his big sister.  

But his favorite part of the day was when he played outside.  He loves it outside!

A tuckered out (almost) two year old.  He is certainly our favorite boy.



  1. Happy birthday, Mathias!!

    What a nice little member of the family. He had a fun day, and we enjoyed the visit.

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