Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | March 21, 2012


Today …

  • The kids were up about an hour earlier than normal so all day I have felt an hour off. 
  • While the kids were helping Farmer Neal with chicken chores Evelyn rushed in the house saying “Chicken bucket Mom!” and ran to the cabinet under the sink and grabbed the scraps for the chickens.  She seemed so grown up.  I watched her walk across the yard and slightly panicked as 11 hungry hens started running towards her and that bucket.  She just continued to walk with them all around her little feet.  Farmer Neal was nowhere to be seen so I yelled for him wondering what the plan was here since I wasn’t crazy about hens that close.  He came out of the barn and I said “what is she supposed to do with the scraps?” and he said “pour it out on the concrete at the chicken coop … just what she is doing”.  So I watched as my amazing little 3-year-old continued to walk calmly towards the coop with all those hens and watched her dump out the few scraps.  It was amazing … she was awesome.  Then she started to walk back only to be followed again by those pesky little hens but she stopped, yelled something and turned to keep walking back to the house. Most of them listened but not all so she repeated her routine of yelling at them and they all stayed away from her with the exception of one persistent hen.  She continued to follow at Evelyn’s heels and so again my girl turned around, yelled something while pointing and the hen stopped and went back.  Then she continued to the house with her empty bucket … hen free.  I think I will call her the chicken whisperer, or wait …  maybe the chicken yeller.  Whatever she said worked and well, she totally made her Mama proud standing her ground with those feathered ladies.
  • I returned some books and dvd’s to the library today.  When I went to look for the kids’ books before I left we were 5 short.  Oops.  Only good thing is that they aren’t actually due for a couple more weeks.  They will turn up somewhere, even though I already looked everywhere.  They are good at hiding apparently.
  • I found Evelyn’s shoe today!  So exciting.  It was missing for approximately 36 hours but it was finally found … under our bed.  I was happy to reunite them to not only eachother because I am sure they missed eachother, but to our girls feet because barn boots just don’t work when heading out and about where real people see you.
  • We had chicken alfredo for lunch.  My great idea for soup suppers through Lent hasn’t gone quite as well as I figured.  About half of our meals are soup though and chicken alfredo is one of the easiest meals I make so it’s all good. Part of the motivation for soups was to make my meal prep simpler and that has happened.
  • I replaced the toilet paper in the bathroom this afternoon while the kids were doing chores.  When Evelyn went to use the bathroom I heard her yell “Thanks Mom!”.  She is so fantastic sometimes.  It isn’t the first time I have been thanked for that normally thankless job but it will likely always make me smile.
  • Mathias pooped in the toilet today … you have no idea how fantastic that is to this Mama.  It wasn’t while we were home but I am hoping that it still made some connection in that little brain of his and tomorrow he has a repeat performance.  I can hope.
  • My house has smelled like chicken all day.  I put it in the crockpot last night, deboned it this morning, and finished cooking the broth until tonight.  I do not enjoy the smell of chicken and I never sleep very well when a chicken is in.  That is odd I think but I am looking forward to a chicken free night. 
  • The house has been messy all day.  Sigh.  I figure it might just stay that way until tomorrow.
  • I found a neat quilt idea today but I am too cheap to purchase the pattern so my plan is to try to duplicate it … not sure I will succeed and the frustration might be worse than forking over 7 measly dollars for the actual pattern … but I am stubborn, and cheap.  What can I say?, all part of my charm.
  • We fed 40 kids tonight at church, then had stations of the cross (which I have always loved) and I helped with leading the music part … totally out of my comfort zone which is why I did it.  Sometimes it is good to do that.
  • Today was a good day and I wanted to remember some of the highlights.  Thanks for reading about it. 
  • Oh look at that, Evelyn just turned out their light and headed to bed. … I love when they do that.  Guess that officially ends our day!


  1. Fun post, and very nice to have a front row seat. I bet the most stubborn hen thought there was still something left in that pail! Evelyn will have no problem with animals since she’s so strong. Especially if they’re not big, like cows or something….I would probably not like her bossing those testy roosters around though.

    Good luck with your quilt if you attempt it without the pattern. I’m sure you can do it.

    Hurray for Mathias!! He’ll be totally trained in no time. It helps to have a big sister leading the way, too.

  2. I guess you are off Chicken Duty?

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