Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | March 30, 2012

Helpers … of the flour variety.

As much as the kids love helping Daddy outside … they are also pretty great about helping inside. 

This little chore worked out much better than I figured especially since I at the last-minute decided the 2-year-old could fill the white flour jar.  

But, they did great.   

Really great. 

Being a bit of a control freak is all part of my charm and so I am always a little bit impressed with myself when I decide something like this is a good idea. 

However, they were so determined to do a good job that the mess was minimal. 

And then they asked to clean up. 

And well …

Every smart Mama  knows that you never say no to that request.



  1. These pictures are precious!! They are learning the wonderful lessons of life…help mom AND clean up afterwards….Ha! Brings back good memories of when our kids were that small…

  2. Brought back memories of the six of you making your little ‘rolls’ when I was making bread…some of them turned out marble size and grey instead of white by the time you were done rolling them. But I figured the 375 degree oven would take care of the germs:)

    Looks like the kids did a great job of cleaning, but I bet Mathias is looking to see how much he put on the floor! He has his own broom, at least.

  3. You are such an inspiration to the world of motherhood and raising responsible children.

    • Oh Iris you are much too kind! :) But thank you.

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