Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | April 9, 2012

Tomatoes, Onions, Easter, and a Haircut.

It’s a hodgepodge of sorts. Just a few “happenings” around here as of late.


The kids and Farmer Neal planted the tomato seeds early last week.


Needless to say it was huge fun for the two with little hands.


Last week the kids and I were making the bed (another job they love) and I mentioned that next I had to run down and grab an onion for the soup.  A minute later Mathias came back with an onion from the basement.  I heard him head that way but I assumed he was just opening the door early for me. But nope, he went downstairs all on his own accord to help me out. Pretty fun, especially since the basement is my least favorite area of my home.  He even went back down when I said “oh well we will need two this size” and I let him.

This helping is starting to become pretty convenient.  No complaints here.


We enjoyed a nice relaxing Easter. Before we headed to Mass I took a bunch of pictures of the kids on the step.  At the time I thought they turned out great … they didn’t.  So here are just a couple that did. 

What can I say? He loves that hat. Oh, and I thought I washed his face after breakfast … oh well!

After church we headed to Grandma & grandpa’s where a bunny delivered 105 plastic eggs while we cleaned up after dinner. 

They loved that whole “hunting” part of Easter.


And this morning … a haircut for our boy.

So handsome and so ready for summer.



  1. Easter was fun, and all the kids collected eggs and emptied them in no time. I even found half of one underneath the playpen yesterday, but we’re still missing 4 halves. Maybe next time I clean they’ll turn up:)

    Mathias’ haircut looks really nice. He’s so grown up already. It was cute when he practiced walking ‘upstairs and downstairs’ over and over on Sunday.

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