Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | April 19, 2012

A little post.

I know it’s been awhile … I know. But I will be honest here and say that when I log in to post something and see that “maybe” 10 people have checked this little space in the world, I am about as excited to take the time to post something as I am to put in a load of laundry. Especially when those 10 clicks to check if something new is here is likely one or two people. I have whined about this before but seriously, blogging with dial-up is for the birds and it takes time and effort and thought … things I don’t always have a surplus of.  And so I get here when I can, even if it is just for my Mom to see something new instead of a week old post.  

We have been busy with this and that, nothing too exciting and yet life is good if not even great. That isn’t to say we don’t have our stresses or frustrations but since I am not one to complain about much, at least here … I won’t start now. We just made it home for a trip to the library and the kids are silently reading their new stashes of books … my favorite part of coming home from the library.  So while they “read” I will share a few pictures from the past week-ish.

I wanted to capture the kids the other night after we picked up the mail and put the Mama Hens to bed.  Evelyn’s outfit … if you call it that is just something else. Very farmgirl-ish I would say. We recently received a big box of clothing for her from the neighbor and she has been having fun creating new looks.  I figure it is a good thing we live where very few people can see her somedays. Plus, she is just a complete goofball these days … always making goofy faces for the camera. 

They were pretty happy … of course they were outside which most always brings a smile. They like to move that sign given to us from some friends around the yard. I think the goal was to have it on the highway but it just hasn’t ever made it that far. 

We did some traveling this past week to see friends and family. One stop was to our good friends who just had a baby. I prepped a meal and made a little quilt … with a bag.

Turned out pretty cute. I used an actual pattern this time, which I never do. The goal is to not have any corners match, making it a simple and stress-free baby quilt. Well I still managed to make it stressful but it was finished. When I worried too much about the imperfections I just tried to remember it was just a baby quilt and figured that Baby Lydia would be spitting up on it in no time.

Well the kids are no longer quietly reading … shocking I am sure, but in their defence I have been sitting here longer than you would think with my slow computer.  One final shot of our girl from today.

Now if I can just get her to look like this again … bedtime it is.  Thanks for stopping by, have a blessed day.



  1. Your quilt turned out cute! You are right, Evelyn’s outfit is something else! But that’s when kids have the most fun when they dress themselves. Especially if you can get them to change if you do go into town!

  2. Evelyn makes me think of my grand daughter at that age, she too had her own style, weather had nothing to do with what she wore, short sleeves in the winter or maybe a sweater in july. She still has her own style and looks very nice every day. I did miss your posts last week, love reading about the farm babies.

  3. Stephanie – I feel your frustration with the dial-up. But I have to tell you that I used to check your blog every morning because I love it!! But my computer is so slow lately that I think I am as frustrated as you are with your computer. I love reading about your little family and love seeing all your crafts. You are excellent at being a farm wife and wonderful mother to the little kiddles. Please continue even though it seems (to you) that there are not alot of people reading it. I really enjoy it.

  4. See, it’s not just your mom! :)

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